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How to Prepare for When Inspiration Leaves You High and Dry

What to do when inspiration leaves you can be confusing. Check out this post to learn how I keep inspiration around long after it's gone and how you can find zaps of inspiration daily. Repin and share with your friends.

Taking a break in your business can be a good thing sometimes. No, not a monstrously long break, but a break nevertheless. Because when I don't take a break that's when inspiration leaves me high and dry.

I’ve noticed that I work best in waves.

These waves come and go in different intervals each time. My creativity follows these waves as well I’ve noticed.

When I started this blog, I prepared for these waves of inspiration and retraction. I prepared mentally. I knew it was going to be hard sometimes even coming up with a blog topic, or even wanting to sit down and actually write a blog.

I’m one of those that writes based on inspiration and not a plan.

Is that smart? Maybe not, but it works for me. That also means that when inspiration hits I have to stockpile my blogs. Which means I probably will write 10 at a time on a given weekend. That way I have some on hand to go in and spruce up and post when I hit an inspiration lull.

It’s not always pretty, but it works for me.

How to Prepare for When Inspiration Leaves You High and Dry

Inspiration is a fleeting and mischievous thing. She comes and goes as she pleases and won’t give you a warning when leaving either.

Taking advantage of inspirational periods can be a great way to be prepared for the inspirational slumps that happen throughout the year. Especially since they’re unpredictable.

Here are the top ways I plan and prepare for when inspiration leaves:

#1 When inspiration hits, take action

You have to take action fast when inspiration comes out of nowhere and lands in your lap. Jump into action right then and take that inspirational ride as your ideas flow out of you.

As a blogger and business owner, I sit down and brain dump all of my ideas down onto paper so I can see what actually is coming out and forming in my mind. This allows me to make sense of the craziness that I was just filled with.

I come up with blog post ideas, quotes, social media post topics, etc.

By taking action, you are utilizing your inspiration to the best of your ability and not shunning it away. If you don’t use inspiration, it will leave and go somewhere else. Once it’s gone that’s it. You’ll have to wait until it decides to come back around. And, that might be a while.

So, prepare now and plan for when inspiration will leave you high and dry.

#2 Batch your ideas and create

Once you’ve written everything down, and somewhat have it sorted out it’s time to lay a plan.

You need to batch like ideas with like ideas and schedule them to be done. For instance, draft blogs all at once, then create images for the blogs and social media at once and write social media posts all at once. This will help you stay on task and organized.

Make sure to schedule time to do these tasks and that you stick to your schedule. If it isn’t scheduled it won’t get done.

#3 Up the amount of self-care you’re giving yourself

When inspiration hits, you need to up your self-care routine to accommodate for the increased action you’ll be taking.

No sense in burning out before inspiration decides to leave for a mini vacation.

  • give yourself little foot massages
  • take coconut oil, warm it up and give yourself a massage before getting in the shower in the morning
  • relax in a hammock or on the couch binge watching your favorite show just to take a break
  • go for a long leisurely stroll in the evening
  • go to the gym and sit in the hot tub, steam room or sauna and do nothing else
  • eat ice cream if you want
  • do whatever makes you feel great and energized

Self-care is super important even when you’re not running around like a crazy woman when inspiration hits, but even more so when it does hit.

Take care of yourself. Be smart. Don’t overwork yourself.

If self-care isn't cutting it when inspiration leaves your house… Break out in a dance party. This song should help 🙂

#4 Get plenty of sleep

This can be a tough one even for me. When I get super inspired and my brain is going 150 miles per hour it can be hard to shut off my brain and get some sleep.

Heck, that’s me most nights in all honesty.

Check out this insanely comfy and awesome eye mask.

Getting sleep ensures that you have plenty of energy and a clear mind so that you can focus on getting the tasks done that you need to get done. Don’t over work yourself and under sleep.

When inspiration leaves you don’t want to be too exhausted to work. Get sleep and be smart.

#5 Never knock an idea

When I am doing my big brain dumps in the beginning I write everything down. Everything.

What might seem like a silly idea or even a crazy stupid idea at first can turn into an amazing idea.

It just needs time to ferment and take shape sometimes.

Write everything down, leave it, and then come back later to see what new inspiration you’re left with.

Once you have it all written down you’ll be surprised at the gifts you’ll run into later on when inspiration isn’t around. It will be like little jolts of inspiration that zaps you when you run back across ideas.

Just wait.

#6 Explore new places, things, ideas for continued inspirational hits

When inspiration leaves it can be hard to find new things to give you inspiration. We can only read so many blogs in a day, watch so many videos, or listen to so many audios.

Get out into the world and explore. When we're exploring new things, being creative it doesn't matter when inspiration leaves or doesn't leave. It allows us to constantly be adding new and exciting things to our plates.

My challenge to you is to see how you can create inspiration in your life on a daily basis so that when you're left inspiration-less you can cultivate it yourself instead.


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  • Elna | TwinsMommy
    September 26, 2016 at 1:43 pm


    Love all these ideas. I’ve been in a funk lately. While I love freelance writing, it can end me up high and dry without any creative juices left!

    I find listening to music helps. Love the Maroon 5 song! Never heard of it. It put a smile on my face 🙂 Thanks.
    Elna | TwinsMommy recently posted…The Steps to Sitting Pretty This Time Next Year With Your BlogMy Profile

    • Brianna Nash
      June 7, 2017 at 3:41 pm

      I just saw your comment Elna! Omg no clue how that happened -_- oye.

      So glad you loved the song! I love it too 😀