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How To Use And Grow Your Blog With Tailwind

How To Use And Grow Your Blog With Tailwind

Automation is almost the lifeblood of a bloggers life, and Tailwind is a permanent tool in my toolbox! It has revolutionized the pinning game and shaved hours off of what used to take me forever to pin on Pinterest. You can grow your blog with Tailwind easily and efficiently. I'll show you how in this post.

Now, once you have your Tailwind and Pinterest linked you can schedule as many or as little pins as you like and it will all be automated for you. You will be pinning pins on autopilot and only have to log on when you need to refresh your scheduled pins.

How To Use And Grow Your Blog With Tailwind

How To Use And Grow Your Blog With Tailwind

Using Tailwind to grow your blog is really quite simple. I'll walk you through the entire process from setup to scheduling and even how to use certain features to maximize your account.

When Tailwind is set up and you're actively adding to your schedule and monitoring your boards you can see what's working and what isn't. Their analytics almost rival that of Pinterest's analytics area with the amount of information you'll be able to gather.

But, on to how to use and grow your blog with Tailwind and a little setup help along the way! I'll try to take you along in order as best I can.

#1 Create an Account & Hook It To Pinterest

When you first pull up the Tailwind website this is the area you'll be greeted with. It will give you the options to signup with your Pinterest or Instagram based on what you're wanting to use Tailwind for.

How to Use And grow Your Blog With Tailwind

If you click on “Free Trial” it will take you to another page where you'll either choose to Signup with Pinterest or Signup with Instagram. From there it will have you Authorize your account. You can't grow your blog with Tailwind without allowing Tailwind to pin on your account!

How To Use And Grow Your Blog With Tailwind

After you authorize your account you'll be guided by their lovely little tour. It will have you sync your Pinterest account, teach you how to create a schedule and also prompt you to create a pin to schedule.

Once you have all this setup and ready to go, that's when the fun really begins. You get to watch how easy it is to automate things and clear up time for you to focus on other things other than posting social media content.

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#2 Set Up Your Schedule to Grow Your Blog with Tailwind

Setting up your schedule is really simple. And, when you're really wanting to get out there and start growing your blog…. It's time to grow your blog with Tailwind. To me, it's pretty crucial to have and to have it done right the first time.

So, how do you get your schedule set up right? Hover your pointer over the sidebar menu and it will pop out with seven options as seen in picture one.

Picture #1

Then click on Publish as in picture two. You'll see a list of options but “Your Schedule” is the one you want to select.

Picture #2

This will allow you to create a schedule of when your pins will be pinned from your schedule. The schedule looks like picture #3.

You'll notice that there are few things going on in this image. There are green highlighted times, times that are white with a green border, light green highlighted times and a few gray highlighted times. Each represents something different.

When you click Generate New Smart Schedule it will ask you how many pins per day you're wanting to pin.

All of the green highlighted times (not the light green) are a part of the Smart Schedule that Tailwind has available. This allows you to customize your schedule to when your audience is already on Pinterest, which is really handy.

The light green highlighted times are times that I edited from the Smart Schedule rather than clicking on the +Add Time Slot button.

The white with green border times are all times that you can add that are suggested times you can include based on the Smart Schedule.

Then, the gray slots (on Thursday and Friday) are ones that I created by clicking the +Add Time Slot.

The Smart Schedule is the best way to go really and truthfully because it is generated based on when people are pinning from your profile. I would generate a new schedule at least once a month as your following gets larger. But, don't generate one more than once a week. That is too quick of a turn around and you don't want to do anything that could stunt your following growth.

Picture #3

How To Use And Grow Your Blog With Tailwind

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#3 Download Chrome Extension

In your Tailwind account, there should be an area that will allow you to download the Chrome Extension. I highly suggest you download that. It is THE single most important tool that is going to help you batch schedule pins.

If you can't find it in your account, simply google Tailwind Chrome Extension and then add it to your toolbar. See that blue wing looking thing (2nd icon from the right)? That's the extension you'll be using.

This is the main thing I use and lean on in my journey and if you're trying to grow your blog with Tailwind I think you'll lean on it too. The extension saves me loads of time and tons of clicking (hello sore finger or cramps). It's super simple to use and I'll explain exactly how simple in the next step :).

#4 Log into Pinterest, Search & Activate the Extension

Once you have your Tailwind account all set up, schedule created and the extension installed it's time to start scheduling pins!

Head on over to Pinterest and start searching for something or things you know you want to fill a particular board with.

If you're wanting to fill a board with pins on Email Marketing then you would search “email marketing tips” or something to that effect and wait for it to pull up all the search results.

Once all the pins are loaded simply scroll down a little bit to make sure they are pins you would consider pinning. Then, remember the little blue icon with wings (or whatever it is)?

How To Use And Grow Your Blog With Tailwind

Yeah, click that and the extension will activate. This will pull up a new window and it will have a handful of pins selected that you may be interested in scheduling.

#5 Select the Pins You'd like to Schedule

Go through these pins and select the ones that you're most interested in pinning to your board. Or, if you did a pretty broad search like “entrepreneur” you'll be selecting pins that could be scheduled to multiple boards. Once you have them selected you'll be click “Go Schedule” and it will take you to a new page. You want to make sure you're actually scheduling pins that your audience wants to see. You can't expect to grow your blog with Tailwind if you're not giving them what they're wanting to see.

How To Use And Grow Your Blog With Tailwind

#6 Add to Boards, Click Schedule & Repeat the Process

From here you have a few options:

  • Select an entire board to pin all the pins to (at the top where it says “add board to all”
  • You can select a board for each individual pin
  • You're also able to add a pin to a tribe (we'll get there)
  • Or, click the clock in the bottom left-hand corner of the pins and set the time you want the pin to be scheduled

Each option is different, but you always need to add a board that you want the pin to go to. Once you successfully select a board and are satisfied simply scroll to the top and select “Schedule All” and you're done!

How To Use And Grow Your Blog With Tailwind


#7 Go to Tailwind & Shuffle the Pins

If you've done this a few times and scheduled pins that go to a singular board each time (as in, each time you focused on one board) then be sure to go into Tailwind and shuffle your pins.

How To Use And Grow Your Blog With Tailwind

To get to that area, go back to the “Publish” tab and select “Scheduled Pins” and the above screen is what you'll see. In the upper right corner, you'll see “shuffle queue”. That is the button you'll want to hit each time you add pins to your schedule.

This ensures you're getting an even mix of pins throughout your boards over a period of time versus one board being pinned to at a time of day.

#8 Beyond Scheduling Pins

There are two other features that Tailwind boasts: Tribes and Board Lists.

When you hover over the menu area Tribes will be the second option, but you have to know where to find Tribes first. That's where Facebook Groups come in handy. Go into a few Blogging Facebook Groups and ask if anyone has a Tribe you can join. This will allow you to get your blogs shared by many people who are actively looking for content to pin from their tribe.

How To Use And Grow Your Blog With Tailwind

Next is Board Lists, which is also under the Publish tab in the menu bar. In this area, you can create a list with boards that you can select to pin pins to at one time. So, if you have an article that would be fitting for multiple different boards, or if you write posts that would be ok on multiple boards you can create a list to pin to each time. Then, that post would be pinned to each board without you needing to pin it individually.

Amazing right?!

How To Use And Grow Your Blog With Tailwind

There are multiple ways you can grow your blog with Tailwind and not every way is right for everyone. Find the method that works for you and stick with it.

Some people rock the schedule and stick with that, and some people rock the tribes and stick with that. Then, there are others who do it all and then some. Find the things that you like to do that will help you grow your blog with Tailwind and that feel great too.

How are you going to use and grow your blog with Tailwind? Share with us in the comments below!

Things I Recommend:


I use Tailwind to schedule out all my pins for the month. It takes a few minutes to get them all scheduled and I'm done. In the dashboard, you create the schedule of how many pins you want it to pin each day and then you can source them from Pinterest or even websites to save and schedule. I'm creating a How-To post for Tailwind soon (maybe next week) so keep checking back.


I use BoardBooster mostly right now for its pin looping capabilities. It's amazing in that it will take one (or more) of your boards and “loop” your pins from oldest to newest and then delete the one that's not performing the best. I'll be playing with this in the future and detail my strategy so you can copy it.


I tried to stay away from ConvertKit because Mailchimp is free and they just added in autoresponders, but ConvertKit is THAT much easier and better in my opinion. Again, I'll be writing a blog on this soon. But, in short, you can email your entire list at one time vs creating multiple campaigns for different lists. They make segmenting and tagging a breeze. And, they make using content upgrades a no brainer!


This is my hosting provider and I absolutely love them. They're always super helpful to me and I've never had an issue. I recommend Bluehost over all the others besides WP Engine. If you have a shit ton of pageviews per month (like over 100k) I would advise using WP Engine. Their hosting plans are ideal for websites that have tons of views because once you start getting tons of views it can slow your site load time down and that is a big no-no. I'll be upgrading to them as this blog grows.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing:

The best affiliate marketing training on the “market”. Michelle knows her stuff and has been doing this since like 2010. She grew her Aff marketing income to well over $50k per month and it keeps growing too. Check out her course and be sure to sign up for my email list below. I'll be sending out discounts to my list that you might otherwise miss.

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