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How to Use BoardBooster for Pinterest Growth

How to Use BoardBooster for Pinterest Growth

Pinterest continues to be the number one platform that drives traffic for me. Partially, it's the number one place because I focus on my Pinterest growth, but I also know that when I focused on other platforms it was still the biggest traffic source.

This post will be a continuation of a series on Pinterest growth. Last week I wrote about why I use Tailwind to grow my Pinterest, and this week I'm going to go over why I use BoardBooster for Pinterest growth.

How to Use BoardBooster for Pinterest Growth

Setting Up Your Account With BoardBooster

Go to to get started with your account and click the green “Sign Up for Free Trial” button as shown below.

How to Use BoardBooster for Pinterest Growth

After you click the button you should be taken to a new page where you will enter your first name, last name, email and Pinterest username.

How to Use BoardBooster for Pinterest Growth

Using BoardBooster for Pinterest Growth

#1 Campaigns

How to Use BoardBooster for Pinterest Growth

Right now I use one of these features to pin my blogs to group boards (as shown below).

When you click the Campaign section you'll have three options:

  • Random Campaign
  • Scheduled Campaign
  • Pin Sourcing CampaignHow to Use BoardBooster for Pinterest Growth

Each campaign has its own features.

Random Campaigns will pull random pins from a source board and repin them to groups boards you designate.

Then, there is a Scheduled Campaign. The Scheduled Campaign is my second favorite feature. It will take pins from secret boards that you've created and will pin to boards that you designate. I use this feature for all my group board posting. I have a secret board where I pin all of my blog post pins and then I have it scheduled to send out pins to the top group boards I'm a part of.

The Pin Sourcing Campaign is pretty much like it says. It sources pins for you. You will tell the campaign which boards to look at for sourcing pins. This could ultimately make it all hands-free, but I haven't tried it yet so I'm not sure how it works. I still like sourcing my pins with Tailwind honestly.

#2 Scheduler

I am not too familiar with this feature because I don't really use it. However, the instructions make it easy to understand.

What you'd do is add boards that you're wanting to pin to and then BoardBooster will create secret boards for you. The secret boards will be your queue for the public boards.

The secret board is where you'll pin a lot of pins that will be scheduled to go to your public board. If you want 10 pins per day to be pinned to your board then it will pull pins from your secret board and pin them to the public board it's attached to.

How to Use BoardBooster for Pinterest Growth

#3 Looping

This is my all time favorite feature on BoardBooster. It is the main thing that keeps me connected to this amazing resource. The Looping feature allows you to select certain boards and have the pins looped (in the same board). They will loop from the oldest to the newest. This revives the old pins and it will delete the underperformer on the board. But, it will preserve a pin if it's already a good performer (you can dictate which ones to keep).

Using this feature keeps your boards fresh and always active which will help your boards be seen and shown to people. Ultimately it means getting more eyes on your account and more possibility for someone to follow you.

How to Use BoardBooster for Pinterest Growth

Using BoardBooster Consistently

When you use BoardBooster for Pinterest growth consistently and strategically it will catapult your profile in front of thousands of other Pinterest users. The name of the game is being seen, and if you're getting tons of views on your account eventually they'll turn into followers. You have to be consistent, you have to be persistent and you have to keep an eye on things.

Track your progress in the Pinterest analytics or check out the analytics in Boardbooster to get an idea of which pins are doing the best or which boards are doing well. You want to always be checking on your boards and pins to see what your followers want to see.

Don't be afraid to really test out BoardBooster for a month and see how your account fairs. I love using it and I pair it with Tailwind to maximize my efforts in really boosting my followers and overall blog traffic.

Give it a shot and let me know it works for you :).

How are you going to use BoardBooster for Pinterest growth? Share your tips, tricks, and ideas in the comments below!

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