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The Down & Dirty: Blog Growth Update

The Down & Dirty: Blog Growth Update

I started this blog in August 2016 with every intentions of consistently blogging on a weekly basis. Then I started the Blog Growth updates and wanted to be adding new tips that would help moms make money from home and so on and so forth! However, I ended up burning myself out way earlier than I thought I would. Or, well, I never imagined I would have burned out.

The Down & Dirty: Blog Growth Update

The Down & Dirty: Blog Growth Update

If you didn't get a chance to see how I was doing things before, you can check out the Blog Growth Update

Series here (there wasn't many because I burned myself out):

  1. How I Plan To Grow My Blog
  2. Blog Growth Update Month One

There should have been a Month Two update, but I just didn't make it that far. I kinda just flopped and focused on other things, because I was trying to do “all the things” to grow my blog:

  1. blog traffic growth
  2. email list growth
  3. social media accounts growth (all the accounts)
  4. tons of content creation
  5. tons of blog commenting
  6. and so much more

Trying to do all these things at such a rapid fire pace literally made me hate the one thing I loved… and I just quit.

In fact, I ALMOST sold this blog about two months ago. At the time I don't know why I didn't sell it. I wasn't doing anything with it except maintaining the cost of having the site live. But, I didn't sell it.

Right now, I'm super glad I didn't sell it. I really do love this blog, and I fully intend to move forward with it…

But, at a much slower pace!

Things I'm Going To Do Differently For Blog Growth:

#1 Focus On One Thing Per Month

I've been debating if I want to try and finish the month of June by pushing strong to accomplish the first goal I list, OR if I should just start in July.

After writing that sentence though I think I'll craft my plan the rest of this month and then start in July nice and fresh. Which means my goal from June 16th until June 30th is to work on everything all of the things below:

  1. Work On As Many Posts As I Can (within reason)

    I'm going to be writing posts this month and trying to put them in a decent order so that if I hit one of those moments of panic or overwhelm I'm covered. I can just post a blog and not worry about writing it. And, if I slack on social media my blog won't die… it will be ok.

  2. Schedule Things In Batches

    I'm going to work on scheduling when I do things. For instance, schedule blog writing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, social media scheduling on Tuesday, and scheduling out newsletters on Thursday. It may not be those exact days, but it will be scheduled out so I know what I'm doing when.

    I'm also going to create a schedule for what I'll do after a blog is posted, when I'll comment on other blogs, and when I'll be interacting in Facebook Groups.

    This time around I don't want to be posting in all the groups either. I'm going to research which ones are best for my blog and I'll focus there (I'll let you know which ones I choose later).

  3. Create a Course or Other Product (plus a free version)

    Weeeee. I'm going to make my first information product!

    I've wanted to do this for a while, but never actually got around to doing it. So, I'm going to make a plan of action for what it will look like and how I'll be marketing it. Stay tuned to figure out what it will be :).

    Note: I'll likely create two products. One will be for moms wanting to work from home (not just blogging) and one will be only blogging related.

  4. Create New Blog Image Template & Pinterest Image Template

    My Pinterest and blog images are all over the place and made me cringe when I came back. Even if my content is good, my images are a wreck mostly. No consistency other than the blog logo.

    I will be creating a cohesive look for the blog so that when people see it they can say, “Oh that's MommaWorksToo!”

#2 Pick One Social Media Platform To Put 90% Of My Focus

Even though I'm only going to mainly focus on one platform, and at this point Pinterest makes the most sense, I'm still going to post to others. My focus on Pinterest will just be more concentrated. As in, most of my interaction, commenting, pinning and such will be focused there.

Right now my Pinterest account is sitting at around 963 followers and I really want to ramp that up to over 2

I'm considering also running a few promotions as well. We'll see.

#3 Write Posts In Series

This one kind of ties into what I'll be doing this month from #1. I don't want my posts to be scattered and all over the place. Instead I'm going to brainstorm blog ideas and group them together. Then, from those groups I'm going to try and break it down into smaller chunks to write about for my blogs.

I figure this will give my blog a more cohesive feel and will allow readers to easily move from one post to the next. Writing posts in this way will help tackle the high bounce rate that I currently have (sitting at about 84%) by keeping them on my site longer.

Not to mention, I'd love to keep them coming back for more from me and to turn readers into loyal readers :).

#4 Create A Better Resource Area

This one has been on my radar for a while. I think it's a great content upgrade sort of thing and I can constantly add new things as I learn them.

I'll be adding little mini courses, PDF worksheets, planners, how-to's and links to resources that I use on a daily basis with my blog.

#5 Focus On Engagement Not Only Growth

When I started this journey last year I was really focused on growing my blog traffic in any way I could. This time around though, I would love to focus more on engagement with my blog growth. I want people to engage more with my blog and with me on social media. I want to have my posts pinned all over and shared on social media.

But, I really want to grow my email list and curate a community of moms who are rocking the stay at home life and also have a little gig they do to make money.

I want to support women to really step into this place of working from home, but not having the stress that goes along with it (though, it will be stressful at times). Which is why I really want to create a space where women can come and share their struggles to be uplifted by other women.

Growing My Blog With A Different Objective

I think by focusing more on engagement rather than on growth things will be a little different. I'm not sure if it will grow as fast as I would want it to, but I'm ok with that for now.

The rest of June will be dedicated to all things in #1 and then I'll proceed each month forging forward with one main goal and potentially 2-3 sub-goals.

Things I Recommend:


I use Tailwind to schedule out all my pins for the month. It takes a few minutes to get them all scheduled and I'm done. In the dashboard you create the schedule of how many pins you want it to pin each day and then you can source them from Pinterest or even websites to save and schedule. I'm creating a How-To post for Tailwind soon (maybe next week) so keep checking back.


I use BoardBooster mostly right now for it's pin looping capabilities. It's amazing in that it will take one (or more) of your boards and “loop” your pins from oldest to newest and then delete the one that's not performing the best. I'll be playing with this in the future and detail my strategy so you can copy it.


I tried to stay away from ConvertKit because Mailchimp is free and they just added in autoresponders, but ConvertKit is THAT much easier and better in my opinion. Again, I'll be writing a blog on this soon. But, in short, you can email your entire list at one time vs creating multiple campaigns for different lists. They make segmenting and tagging a breeze. And, they make using content upgrades a no brainer!


This is my hosting provider and I absolutely love them. They're always super helpful to me and I've never had an issue. I recommend them over all the others besides WP Engine. If you have a shit ton of pageviews per month (like over 100k) I would advise using WP Engine. Their hosting plans are ideal for websites that have tons of views because once you start getting tons of views it can slow your site load time down and that is a big no-no. I'll be upgrading to them as this blog grows.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing:

The best affiliate marketing training on the “market”. Michelle knows her stuff and has been doing this since like 2010. She grew her Aff marketing income to well over $50k per month and it keeps growing too. Check out her course and be sure to sign up for my email list below. I'll be sending out discounts to my list that you might otherwise miss.

Are you currently trying to grow your blog? If so, what are you doing to up the ante on your blog growth each month? Share with us in the comments!

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  • Margot
    June 21, 2017 at 10:22 pm

    I totally feel you re: The Slump. I went through a similar thing and am now getting myself back on track (in fact, I also published a post about it earlier this week). Like you, I tried to do everything all at once and it was just too much. I got so frustrated with myself when I couldn’t achieve everything I wanted to right away. I think your plan to focus on one goal at a time is an excellent one. I’m doing something similar. This month I’ve implemented a new posting schedule and am trying to stick with it. It’s a baby step, but it’s going well and I’m enjoying blogging again!! 🙂

    • Brianna Nash
      June 24, 2017 at 3:10 pm

      Hey! Haha, I wonder if it’s something all new bloggers go through :)?

      I’m glad to hear that you’re back on track too! It can be so easy to beat ourselves up when we don’t achieve what we’re hoping to achieve. It’s also so easy to try to overachieve.

      Thanks for stopping by!!