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A Family of 4: Journey to Frugal Living

A Family of 4: Journey to a Frugal Living

Our Family of 4 and a Journey to a “Frugal” Living. Some might say we're crazy and others completely understand where we're coming from. We first started talking about really buckling down when we noticed how often we'd be left with only a little at the end of the month. This talk started a little because of this blog actually. I was so determined to shove this puppy all the…

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5 Reasons Why I Decided to Say, “No More Daycare”

no more daycare

It was an enormous moment when I decided to say no more daycare for our kids. That meant I would have to work around my children's schedule and still get all of my work done. My kids don't nap at the same time (yet) and are quite a handful. One wakes up between 6-7am and the other wakes up around 8-9am. The early riser goes to sleep around 7:30-8pm and my…

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Motherhood/ Work at Home

Are Daily Routines Necessary?

daily routines

Do you feel like you're going crazy in a sea of madness? You might need some daily routines! Have you considered what life would be like with a routine? I have often heard people describe their daily routines in detail. Most have stated that if they didn't have a routine they would feel lost throughout the day. ON the other hand, I have never been a “routine” kind of gal.…

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